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Ning worked hard in the big cities, not in the glory of small citiesWith the internationalization of the national conditions,PARAJUMPERS Jakke the urbanization of the country and the rapid development of the national economy. Today's young people are about to face the choice of two career perspectives.One is the numerous opportunities and opportunities for development in big cities. It is true that it is full of intrigues and intrigues of life everywhere. However,PARAJUMPERS DAME risks and opportunities coexist. Although conditions are very hard to start, such life is full and exciting.And the other one is that the employment probability of a small city is far greater than that of a big city and the competition is more moderate. As a result, its risk is very small and the development of its business is more stable. At the crossroads of our lives, as a young generation in the new century, we are not only responsible for giving thanksgiving, but more for giving our own means to building a better city. Big cities have more advantages than small cities. Relatively speaking: I prefer to lie in a small city in the big city to enjoy the pleasure of getting results with my knowledge and skills.In the morning, the city that has been sleeping for a night started to noisily, following in the middle of the stream with joyful steps on the breeze flowers, catkins, and butterfly splendor. Steadfast pace and high head brave face of the sun, the sky with the heart loudly said: We are still young, young people have the courage to go ahead, fighting spirit and unwilling indifferent attitude to life.We decided to choose a hard and wonderful, twists and turns of the journey of life, while increasing their own knowledge of a broader, higher values ​​of life and a deeper lifestyle; for their dreams hard, even in the face of failure, we Are not afraid, stand up all the way to sing, cling to the target.Of course, the city's noisy and glittering still have a rare quiet. We will use this rare serenity to find the space that belongs to us, at least when we are tired, there is a harbor upon which we can count on. Here we are just reading and writing, listening to music, get up and breathe a fresh air, chasing that a colorful clouds, take a look at the distant green trees Green, green hills smoke, heart slowly gathered in the more abundant The power to prepare for our tomorrow.When the soul is haggard, think of our young people's heart yearning. Full of passion, we look up to the sky, facing the difficulties, the firm pace represents our sonorous and gorgeous movement. There are bound to be some setbacks and frustrations in the city, but we believe that we hope to shine in the next second. There will also be difficulties and helpless fetters, but I still believe success is the corner of the next junction.Small cities, of course, not too high pressure on life and work chores, where we face all day is the company - three-point line of life model, who can be so youthful consumption \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; I do not want to!Life, there is time, why not vigorous over it? If you are longing for the dull, then you choose a small city now! Where is more is the ease and ordinary life. But a long time, you will slowly tired of life quiet.Huge cities have an unknown twists and turns, and even accommodate our little hope, the little city is more of an ordinary life, or even lift our great dreams.Plain, ups and downs, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, each have their own needs. Over time. Right and wrong there is no absolute standard of judgment. Face life, take the reality. Life too much way, there will be a different choice, this is life. Trying to be a true self, do not disrupt your ideals and goals by other people's words.We must bravely face the passage of time and a string of dreams, and mobilize the potential of life to pursue the realization of our dreams. To a certain age, see the scenery after all, like quiet life, watching the stream long it!
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