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Some people say that I am stupid as a head of cattle,Nike sko Dame which is not bad, I am a cow, that I am stupid or worth mentioning, I am me, I am not afraid of other people ridicule, but not afraid of others criticism of me.Even if I do not shout, I will go forward, I do not have other skills, plow field is my job. I am very dedicated, whether it is cold or summer inflammation, I will always do it.In fact, I am not lazy,Køb Nike sko do not always want to beat me, I am down to earth I am very conscious, I am not to the point where I can not rest, I though cattle, but I also have physical exertion, I even physically exhausted As long as there is a shit I will not reach the goal die. I have never been ill, I will not cry, I will not treat myself as a reason not to work. Even if I am sick, I will drag on my exhausted body to finish my work. .I know very well that I am a poor man and I will not do anything but plow the field. I am often overlooked, but I never feel inferior and never fall due to this. I will work hard for my own life. I work very hard.I am never controversial, the master never asked for a request, I plow field back the owner does not give me food just give me a little grass I will be very happy, I will not be as lazy as pigs, I myself will climb mountains and rivers Self-seeking life. I can adapt to any environment, I live in the hurdles mosquito bites every day I have no complaints I can still live happily.
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