New World The Best Musket Build

  • The Musket is an excellent weapon for solo leveling , and for PvP. Here's our guide to building the most effective Musket build for New World.

    New World Amazon's newest MMO is taking the game scene by storm since its introduction. A lot of players are dipping into the game's Weapon Mastery system to find an appropriate set of weapons to keep. If you're still not sure what weapon you'll use, you can't go wrong by choosing the Musket.

    Muskets dish out great damage, have hit-scan capabilities, and even used to provide a substantial quantity of crowd-control (referred as CC). They're extremely effective for both PVP and for taking on large groups of players within the many PvE areas that are available in New World, whether that be grinding quests or completing quests. We've compiled a list of the top Musket designs in New World.

    Updated November 19th on 19 November, by Harry Alston: New World's Patch 1.1 brings serious modifications to the meta of weapons, although you will likely remain to see it. The Great Axe and Heavy Armor. Where does this position the Musket on the map? Here's a take a look at modifications made in the patch.

    The Musket has received some general buffs, mostly to the least-used abilities available. We'll take a closer look some of the changes and how they affect the Musket more feasible within the Heavy Armor meta that still controls the game.

    General Musket's damage was increased in 2.5 percent. This is nothing more than a flat buff that is simple and elegant.

    Damage to Sticky Bombs has gone up from 175 percent to an average of 235 percent damage. This is an impressive increase. Does it make the capability more realistic? Well, it might be quite beneficial for AoE during wars , as well as group PvP.

    Stopping Power cooldown decreased to 15 seconds from 18 seconds.

    Power Shot cooldown decreased to 12 seconds from 15 seconds.

    Shooter's Stance cooldown reduced to 18 seconds instead of 20 seconds. It is now possible to exit the stance, which is a massive change. Simply press your sprint key, ability key or avoid.

    Overall, these are strong improvements for the Musket, but we're still not certain if this is effective in PvP. You can have a few variations with regards to the skills you'll use (it doesn't have to always be Powder Shot in the present) also the capacity to get out of the shooter's stance is helpful. We'll keep an eye out for new builds appearing and adjust accordingly.

    There are a few general advice to use the Musket in the New World:

    The Musket is a ferocious shotgunner who relies on headshots or crowd control. The passives focus on headshots or dazzling the targets. Be mindful of which tree to focus on.

    The Musket scales up with it's Dexterity stat at the rate of 0.9x However, it also has a secondary statistic of Intelligence, which is 0.6x.

    Light Armor pairs nicely with the Musket. Extra mobility is crucial. There's no need to take injuries, so this additional defense should not be an issue , unless you're using a melee weapon of a high-risk like the Hatchet.

    Every Musket built during the New World requires that you pay attention to one of two trees:

    Sharpshooter: Focuses on headshots, and quick firing.

    One of the skills applies an effective burn debuff.

    Trapper: focuses on crowd control and debuffs.

    Passives increase movement speed and bonus damage.

    There are several Musket builds that make use of either of the trees, and most builds use at least a couple of passives from each tree. Sharpshooter is known for the Sharpshooter's Stance ability. Trapper is famous for its Traps ability. The former concentrates on damage output, whereas the latter is focused on crowd control. We'll look at three build designs that take full advantage of both playstyles.

    The Musket and Rapier are a classic duo in the New World meta. They both build off of Dexterity, can deal great baseline damage. They synergize with each other if you use the right masteries. You'll enjoy great mobility, DoT damage, and can damage the targets at any point. Let's dig into the various strategies and passives you'll end up using to dominate your opponents.

    The Musket and Rapier's damage both increase with Dexterity. To benefit from this combo, you'll wish to add as many points in the Dexterity area as possible. You should aim to score 300 points. At this point, you'll be given the option of scaling up to Constitution for greater health or Intelligence to deal more damage. As for armor, medium strikes the right balance between bonus damage and defense. For gear, you'll want to seek out things that improve your essential attributes and give perks that enhance any of the skills that are listed above.

    Dominate opponents from range by using the Musket as well as the Fire Staff combination. Thanks to gems, you'll be able focus on Intelligence, which will increase the amount of damage from both weapons. So long as you keep your distance from foes then you'll be dealing an insane amount of damage in a short amount of effort.

    This tree is a little different from other Fire Staff meta builds, however, this combination lets you deal some absurd damage to trapped targets. Also, you'll have a decent critical probability with the fire spells you use and remarkable mana sustain. You'll be using Pillar of Fire, Fireball and Burn Out as your primary abilities.

    Intelligence can boost the Fire Staff damage and give a small boost to your Musket damage. You'll want to equip the Intelligence stone on your Musket to increase its power by Intelligence that will boost the amount of damage you deal. For armor Light is an excellent option because you'll stay away from harm and have the best mobility. As for perks, focus on purchasing an Fire Staff with critical stats and armor that decreases your ability cooldowns. Anything that can enhance your abilities are good too.

    It's not a mystery about the Hatchet is among the strongest weapons found in New World. But what happens when you pair the beast of a weapon with an effective ranged weapon such as the Musket? The result is one the most reliable designs in the New World, capable of blocking enemies from any distance with ease. Rush into the fray using your Hatchet, or stay back and land multiple headshots to disperse the herd.

    You'll want to focus on Dexterity and Strength in this build. The Hatchet scales from both, making it be able to deal some shocking damage once you're at the endgame. If you're in melee combat more than ranged, go for more strength. Otherwise, go for Dexterity first. In terms of armor we suggest medium since it achieves a balance between damage and defense.

    When it comes to equipment, you'll need things that boost your strength or Dexterity. Perks that enhance your abilities or reduce cooldowns are always appreciated.