Rocket League Adds a New Money-Saving Feature

  • Soniqs Esports has delivered Matthew "Satthew" Ackermann from its Rocket League Items group, the association declared today.In the declaration, Soniqs expressed gratitude toward Satthew for his job in aiding the organization assemble its debut Rocket League group. Satthew likewise declared his retirement from serious Rocket League today and his aim to finish his college degree next.

    "Following the present declaration of my delivery from Soniqs, I needed to tell everybody that this is the place where I likewise end my vocation in serious play Rocket League Trading," Satthew said in a TwitLonger. "I had a vocation that I'm glad for, yet I've been aching for something more that I believe is found in proceeding with my advanced degree full time, and in the event that I need to seek after that, at that point I accept this is the ideal opportunity to give up."