Escape From Tarkov still doesn’t represent the final product

  • Chris "Sacriel" Ball is an alternate kind of Twitch decoration, binding his adventures in Escape From Tarkov Roubles
    with huge amounts of solid counsel. That makes him exceptionally qualified to enable new players to get into this incredibly scary endurance game.

    Ball has been on the endurance multiplayer beat since before PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was even a thing. He earned his stripes chasing campers in Chernarus, pulling security in DayZ's fervently challenged seaside area before that game even made it to independent Toward the end of last year he was among the main prominent ace players to move over to Tarkov full-time. His style of play incorporates loads of long-go activity, yet he's not against getting his hands grimy in close battle. Our email meet has been delicately altered for lucidity.