Escape From Tarkov Items more and more

  • Unfortunately, this is not the only controversy BattleState game has emerged in recent months. The developers recently attacked and responded to allegations of gender discrimination. Tarkov escape from the increasing popularity of such problems may pop up Escape From Tarkov Items more and more frequently.

    Flee Tarkov players got a pleasant surprise is that, over the past week wound down: In a surprise update Friday, Battlestate game Shpagin PPSH-41 assault rifles and Colt M1911 pistol, two weapons guaranteed to make waves Tarkov.

    If you already have played escape from Tarkov, you'll know that it's hyperfocused its guns, so any new an important shift its available weapons and equipment is in addition based on possible ways of playing shooter lootThis is of course PPSH-41 and 1911 these two, which for different reasons have become a favorite target player different potential so. Add guns to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory Day, which is known as the Great Patriotic War in Russia.