The latest versions of FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21 are coming soo

  • EA Sports announced on Tuesday that it will launch FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Xbox X on December 4. For users who already own Madden 21 Coins on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the next version of the game is a free upgrade.

    The release is three weeks after the PS5 and Xbox Series X went on sale. Since the FIFA series missed the release of Xbox and Xbox 360, this is the first time that EA Sports' flagship product has not been released with a new console.

    Those who purchased the current version before December 4th will receive the digitally delivered upgrade for free on the release date. Those who own CD games will have to declare the upgrade through the EA website. The discount will expire after the release of Madden NFL 22 and FIFA 22 next summer, but whether someone buys the game before or after the next-generation game is released, upgrading is a good choice.

    EA initially restricted the free access to the latest versions of the two games to December 31, 2020, thereby freeing it from Xbox Series X’s "Smart Delivery" program, which allows players to confidently choose the current version Repurchase the game on the new console. After facing criticism and strong consumer protests, the company expanded the transaction time to the game launch next year.

    EA Sports’s most direct competitor, 2K Sports’ NBA 2K series, will launch its next-generation version on the same day as the new console, but players who own the current version will get the next version for free-unless the "Mamba Forever" special edition is sold Price $99.99.

    EA Sports announced on Tuesday that the player progress of Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21 and Buy MUT Coins will continue in two generations, including the ultimate team mode of the two games, Madden’s Franchise and Yard mode and FIFA’s Volta Football mode.

    The statement promises "fast loading times, the most realistic and smooth player movements in EA Sports games" and the ability to use the new haptic features of the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.