Madden 21 roster update makes Myles Garrett the dominant

  • The latest Madden 21 update has arrived, and the Cleveland Browns have some shakers on the roster. Although the game is terrible to play, Madden 21 Coins is still fun. Here are the Browns' most notable risers and fallers.

    Wyatt Teller-The right back raised an amazing three-pointer from 79 to 82. I'm not sure why he didn't play last week and is unlikely to face the Raiders again.

    Myles Garrett (Myles Garrett)-Garrett (Garrett) is a leading force in the real world and the virtual field, his already high score rose from 95 points to 97 points (two points).

    JC Tretter-Teller is not the only offensive informant he likes this week, because Tretter's scoring has also risen from 81 points by 2 points to 83 points. Considering Tretter's actual performance, this increase is more reasonable.

    Kendall Lamm-EA Sports scored 2 points from Lamm, dropping from 68 to 66. Ram only played 6 spikes against Cincinnati last week, and they all belong to a special team, so this relegation looks strange.

    Odell Beckham Jr.-Although game creators receive ratings from a wide range of recipients, Beckham is still a dominant virtual choice. Beckham went from 91 to 90. Given the fact that he was injured, I think this is reasonable.

    Adrian Clayborn has a hard time opposing Madden’s scoring points from Clayborn because he played 25 fast breaks, and in fact everyone did not exist. These outstanding characters have won the love of many players, but don't worry now, you can win these characters by Madden Coins in GameMS.