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  • In the past, the mark of the IWC flight watch was 40 mm, and the 7-day chain for large pilots was 46 mm. The emergence of the new large pilot 43 fills the gap between 40mm and 46mm. The 43mm Dafei has no calendar and no 46mm Dafei’s 7-day chain power display. It is a pure three-handed needle, restoring the appearance of the military "observation watch" in the history of the IWC in 1940.

    Another very important point is that IWC’s new 43 Dafei has a thorough understanding. In the past, the World Mark and Dafei 46 were not transparent. The new Dafei 43 uses IWC's self-produced 82000 series automatic movement (specifically 82100). The 82000 series calibre is currently one of the replica watches uk main self-produced calibres of IWC, and it is also used in the new Portuguese small three needles in addition to the 43 Dafei. The movement is characterized by the use of IWC's iconic "Woodpecker" winding mechanism (ie Bieleton winding). With a size of 43 mm, a public price of more than 60,000 and a movement configuration, the new 43 mm Dafei is in the "middle position" of the IWC pilot watch. It is a flight watch with a balanced size configuration that can satisfy most players.

    The Air Force Commander is a rare and unique watch among Blancpain. The Blancpain Air Force Commander is based on the aviation chronograph provided to the US Air Force by Blancpain in the 1950s. The historical prototype watch was provided to the U.S. Air Force for testing, but it was not mass-produced in the end. It is the rarest type of antique Blancpain watch. In 2019, Blancpain launched a modern version of the Air Force Commander for the first time. The 2019 model is a limited edition steel case, limited to 500 pieces. And this year, the new blue discs are not limited.

    The new blue plate Air Force Commander is a titanium case (also available in a gold case version) with a size of 42.5 mm. The appearance is the same as the 2019 steel case limited edition, but the blue plate is very young. The blue bezel of the watch is a polished ceramic ring. The new blue disc also uses Blancpain’s self-produced F388 flyback chronograph movement with a swing frequency of 36000 and a flyback function. It is currently one of the most equipped automatic chronograph movements on the market.

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