Top Tips For Choosing the Rgiht Standing Desk

  • The best Adjustable Table allows you to work while standing without compromising on your work quality. Check out the tips to pick the right stand-up desk.

    Determine if You Want to Keep Your Current Desk

    Gaining the ability to transition between sitting and standing doesn’t require you to replace a desk you already have.

    A standing desk converter sits on top of your existing desk, instantly transforming it into a height-adjustable desk. Other upsides of stand up desk converters include a typically lower cost, and most come assembled.

    If you want something entirely new, a dedicated full-sized standing desk is the answer. While you might spend a few dollars more, you can get a purpose-built solution.

    Determine the Height Range You Need

    Nearly all convertible standing desks, except for desktop risers, have a height adjustment mechanism for changing work surface height. The range of the work surface is an important factor to consider, especially if you are a taller worker. Many height ranges cap out where a 5’10” user is comfortable. Other units better accommodate taller users.

    Some converters, especially Z-Lifts, have ‘dropped keyboard trays’ that rest lower than the work surface. This means you don’t have to raise your monitors as high to reach an ergonomic viewing position. They rest on the back of the work surface, which is several inches higher than the keyboard tray. The less distance your monitors need to be raised, generally the more stable they will be.

    Determine Your Ideal Work Surface Size

    Finding a balance between a roomy and slim work surface is a challenge. There’s space for personal preference here, but you want to be sure your keyboard and mouse fit with room to spare. And by the same token, you want to be sure the design of the work surface allows you to move your hands from typing to mousing with the least amount of movement possible.

    Consider Potential Workspace Obstructions

    Since an adjustable height desk moves up and down, there are other things to think about when determining if the desk will “fit” in the space. Here are some examples of questions to ask yourself:

    Is there a shelf that could prevent the desk from raising up?

    Is there a wall or post that could block access to things like a desk’s hand-crank adjustment?

    Do I have a filing cabinet or similar object that could prevent the desk from lowering down?

    Do I lack access to a nearby outlet to power an electric adjustable desk?

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