Old Bosses on World of Warcraft is Interesting

  • I was ready to enjoy World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. After completing the preparatory mission and killing Nathanos Blightcaller, I finally wandered around the Icecrown area. To my surprise and happiness, this completely hit the old boss.

    There are two aspects to doing this: the traditional raid, allowing wow classic gold players to re-raid from the old expansion and get various transformations as rewards, and then generate "Rares" around Icecrown, appearing in a cute loop mode on a fixed timer There are 20 bosses.

    I used to use character promotion to bring Orc Hunter to level 50, and mainly log in to get silver recognition around Icecrown and buy some decent equipment for Shadowlands. However, the players I accompanied behaved very ridiculously and were much better than me in the game, and my recent games have involved the easy annihilation of new and old bosses and team raids.

    The Legion’s dark night raid was particularly memorable. A difficult and hours-consuming challenge was filled with a series of difficult and spectacular bosses. We squeeze the enemy like a bug, and the boss squeezes like a bigger bug. In the middle of the journey, a person temporarily turned the stage into a starry sky. This amazing effect was slightly weakened by her death within two seconds. Things happened so quickly, the game malfunctioned, and she left the room after she died. The ultimate boss, Gul'dan, was that kind of challenge, and even the strongest raiders trembling in their boots. I think he has several tricks on my pet.

    When we didn't flush an old raid within ten minutes to get a chance to get a good-looking belt, we would fly around Icecrown, perform daily tasks, and wait for rare bosses with other players to spawn. These things take some time to manifest, but once realized, they immediately become the focus of incredible laws. The duration is less than thirty seconds.

    Then, we will all compare our trophies, mounts, and then the next slaughter. Gosh, it feels good. The absolutely flat characters that once frightened you feel good in any game, but they are particularly exciting in MMO. Make strategic planning in your previous life and spend the night... Now, for the sake of the old days, there is a chance to defeat a once invincible daemon like Pinata.

    As Fraser pointed out last week, "Shadowlands" turned "World of Warcraft" into a museum. I just want to add that this is a museum, and if you are at the right level, then it can be used as part of the revenge journey.

    Before that, my most recent experience of "World of Warcraft" was to return to "World of Warcraft Classic". "World of Warcraft Classic" is nostalgic for various reasons, but it also reminds people of how bare and cruel this world was once. Don't get me wrong: I am here to challenge, and Shadowlands will bring challenges.

    He didn't even do as many things as others, just stood in the hands of a group of other players, who shine in the defenseless and low-level AI. But in the past few days, the short and beautiful time has made me feel like the god of World of Warcraft, which is great. Don't forget to buy world of warcraft classic gold to enjoy your game time.