WoW Classic: Complete Alterac Valley Battleground Guide

  • Alterac Valley is one of the three battlefields in World of Warcraft: Classic, and its focus is on large-scale battles, because each faction can hold up to 40 players in the battlefield instance. Players who have reached level 51-60 can go to the battlefield entrance of Alterac Mountains, or talk with Alterac Valley warlords in big cities to enter the Alterac Valley in line. Here is a complete guide for you about Alterac Valley Battleground. When you need some items, you may need enough world of warcraft classic gold to exchange.

    How to join Alterac Valley

    If you want to wait in line in Alterac Valley, you should talk to the following faction NPCs:


    Thurman Stonewrist in Stormwind Fortress​​
    Brogon Stonehild on the Terrace of the Darnassus Warriors
    Glodrum Steelbeard in the Soldier Ward in Ironforge
    Any Stormpike dispatcher in the capital of the alliance


    Kargri Bloodsnarl in Orgrimmar's Valley of Honor
    The gray wolf in "Undercity" in the gray-brown half-mane
    Taim Totem in "The Rise of the Hunters of Thunder Bluff"
    Any Frostwolf messenger in the capital of the tribe

    General Alterac Valley Strategy

    First of all, from an efficiency point of view, it is always better to lose quickly so that you can get some honor and enter another battlefield, rather than playing games for a long time. In Alterac Valley, this is a double fact, because the game can be very long if certain conditions are met.

    The main condition that causes the game to last forever is that there are too many defenders relative to the attackers. If you consider effective honor farming, this will put both parties in a deadlock, and this should be avoided at all costs.

    Similarly, from the perspective of the Honor Farm, most of the sub-goals are not worth pursuing because they are important for winning Alterac Valley (cavalry, air raids and mine supplies) or taking too long (Ives and Lojo​​ Lal)’s ability has little impact.

    This means that your first task should be to attack towers, bunkers and offensive cemeteries, and then knock down enemy faction leaders. You should also have a small team of defenders (preferably stealth) whose only goal is to retake those important map targets once most of the enemies move on, so that your faction has precious time to attack its own targets .

    Alterac Valley Horde Player Strategy

    For the Horde, the key to effectively winning Alterac Valley lies in overwhelming speed and arrogant competition. In the case of a full offensive, you will have an advantage due to the shaman and stronger PvP races, and as long as the defenders do not coordinate around the bridge area, the alliance base will open relatively quickly.

    For the two factions, a common and undesirable (from an efficiency point of view) scenario is for the tribe to slowly push down (or get stuck in a stalemate) most of the alliance in the path between Ice Wing Bun and Stormwind Cemetery Raid.

    If a Horde player rejects every cemetery on the southern Thunderpike map on the southern side of the Alliance, this usually happens and will lead to a long game. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency, you should always allow the Alliance to have a snow cemetery, which is far away from the important location in the battle to ensure that the tribe wins in time.

    If you happen to be caught in a 40:40 battle and all the league players are on defense, then the best option is to slowly collect the blood of the Stormpike soldiers needed to summon Loholar, the King of Ice, which will enable you The team is able to traverse the defenses of the alliance, assuming your 40 attackers are competent enough. Don't let it fit into the enemy's general room, and you should win the victory, but it will take a while.

    This means that the ideal strategy of the tribe is to allocate up to 2 groups of stealth defenders for ninja capping, and everyone else should focus on attacking every bunker and graveyard from Stonecast and above areas as soon as possible. There must be at least two players in each captured Bunker and Graveyard to avoid stealth recapture, and your overwhelming number should allow you to quickly cross the Alterac Valley unless the league is overly committed to defense.

    Alterac Valley Alliance player strategy

    For the Alliance, winning Alterac Valley is a delicate balance. The most defensible area in the entire map is the bridge choke point at the entrance of your main base, and a balanced small defensive team composed of 10 to 15 players can resist twice the number of tribal players trying to cross the bridge.

    On the other hand, if both teams appoint all players to attack, the clan will usually be ahead of the opponent, because the map and the alliance of the base are easier to clear than the clan, and the clan also tends to have a higher DPS for the following reasons: wizard.

    It should also be noted that if there are not enough attackers, you can easily squeeze into the map side completely, because once the resurrection starts, there is only one way to return to the northernmost (Stormpike) cemetery on the tribal side of the map. Players of the tribe will camp all the way.

    This means that the ideal strategy of the alliance is to immediately create and assign three groups of (invisible) people to defend and delay as long as possible, and everyone else should immediately focus on attacking the ice blood or the Frostwolf grave, and at the same time the death toll Keep it to a minimum to ensure that the attacking group can be resurrected from the Stormspear graveyard. Once you have established a solid foothold, you can quickly occupy all the towers and Frostwolf relief huts (stealth type, if there are any stealth types in the offensive group, it will be helpful here), and then you should be able to withdraw from there Drektal before Vannard Stormfish's death.

    Our guide is over, if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message in the comment area, don’t forget safe vanilla wow gold for sale on the 5mmo website.