New World Will Take You to the Fictional Island of Aeternum

  • On the occasion of the summer game festival, Amazon Games showed us the details of New World of MMO from almost every angle. We briefly summarize all of these so that you can understand the outline of this promising title.

    New World is a title that will take you to the fictional island of Aeternum in the 17th century. Therefore, MMO will be affected by some historical influences at the time, but most importantly, as we have seen in this demo, it has a lot of fantasy. You will start your adventure from a shipwreck with New World Gold, and you will find that this world is both beautiful and dangerous, with several opposing factions. Therefore, your task will be to summon humanity against the threat that could destroy the world. As the game creative director Scott Lane said, the core question is, "What is the price of immortality?"

    The video is very well cut, and we have a good understanding of the PVE content of different expeditions, all of which have unique puzzles and bosses. To learn more, see our overview when we started one of the expeditions not long ago. There will be 6 at the start of the game.

    Sojin Hwang (Associate Art Director) also revealed two new areas:

    Ebonscale Reach: We imagine an environment very inspired by Chinese culture.
    Reekwater: A place that pirates are proud of.

    We can also learn about some famous opponents and enemies who will live on the island. Finally, we have a reminder about weapons (melee, long-range, and magic), knowing that you only need to equip the weapons you need to master the game style.

    New World will be released on PC on August 31. If you are looking for some New World Items Cheap, check out the z2u site.