New World: All the Information about Entering New World

  • Amazon game New World was delayed for more than a year, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of players. New World Gold players will have the opportunity to enter the world of Aeternum early through a closed beta test. Here is how you can participate.

    Although the full version of MMORPG will not be fully released until August 31, players will have the opportunity to enter the exciting and yet unexplored fantasy world of Aeternum in a scheduled beta test held by the developer.

    The test meeting has been set in stone, but not everyone can participate. You can guarantee your place in a variety of ways or just have the opportunity to be selected to participate. Below is all the information about entering New World closed beta.

    New World Closed Beta Date and Platform

    New World closed beta will start on July 20th at 9:30 am Pacific Daylight Time / 12:30 pm Eastern Time / 4:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time / 6:30 pm Central European Time, and will start in August Ends at 11:59 PM PDT/2 on the 2nd: 59 AM Eastern Time / 6:59 AM Greenwich Mean Time / 8:59 AM Central European Time.

    Amazon’s MMO experience will be limited to PCs (as most veterans of this type have already expected), and can be played via Steam (although you can purchase Steam keys directly from Amazon, so it may be time to break any gifts you lie Stuck about).

    The server will be available to players in North America, Europe, Australia, and Brazil, so if you live in one of these geographic areas, you will be able to enter the beta version after gaining access-here are the various ways you can use that List.

    How to enter New World closed beta

    You can enter the closed beta version of New World in two ways: register through a dedicated test volunteer page, or order a copy of the game from the Steam storefront or Amazon itself.

    Amazon has confirmed that they will grant access to a random tester group throughout the beta, so be sure to register (if you haven’t already) and watch out for emails that invite you to participate at some point during the event.

    If you purchased a copy of New World through Amazon before July 17, you will receive a test invitation on July 19 (the day before the launch). A key purchased later through Amazon guarantees access to the beta version within 48 hours after your order is confirmed.

    Finally, if you have pre-ordered "New World" on Steam, or plan to pre-order after the Beta version starts, you will automatically gain access to the test session through the "New World Closed Beta" program, which will appear in your In the Steam library.

    PC's New World system requirements

    Before registering as a new world tester or pre-ordering a copy of the game, you need to make sure that your hardware meets the MMO's minimum system requirements. Now you can buy Cheap New World Account on z2u site to start your game.