Madden UL has many great historical players

  • At the beginning of Ultimate Team season, the “Legend” suit arrived in this mode. These cards have a score of 96 OVR in the professional version. However, “The Final Legend” makes the situation better, and the player released in this promotion can play up to 99 OVRs. That is the best rating in Madden. So far, “The Final Legend” has been released by 38 players. These include offensive threats such as Brett Favre, Randy Moss, Michael Vic, Eddie George, Tony Gonzalez, LaDainian Tomlinson, Calvin Johnson and Jim Thorpe. Players can spend Madden 21 Coins to choose the one that best suits their lineup.

    Defensive stars in Madden 21 Ultimate Legends include Derrick Thomas, Derrick Brooks, Ed Reed, DeMarcus Ware, Patrick Willis and Darrelle Revis. The 15th group of the latest “Extreme Legend” featured the late and great Sean Taylor in the latest options. At present, they can get all the players mentioned above through their own redemption sets, and these redemption sets need to be combined with cards to get. In addition, they may appear randomly in the packaging, or game players can go to the auction house to see whether or not there are any offers.

    Players today should all know what they needed to build a strong lineup. Not only do you need a strong quarterback and a receiver with keen observation, you also need a solid defender who can see through the opponent’s offensive intentions. It is true that a beautiful offense can always bring continuous cheers, but only an airtight defense has a chance to win the championship. This is the fundamental reason why so many players now pay more and more attention to defense.

    If they are always unable to pursue those defensive superstars, they may wish to rely on GameMS to purchase some cost-effective MUT Coins to achieve the goal of increasing the team’s defensive ability. A stable defense is better than an erratic offense!