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    Super-Star sneakers with black heel tab and metal stud lettering. Super-Star sneakers are a Golden Goose evergreen and accompany its collections season after season, thanks to the use of innovative materials and finishes. This cowhide model is characterised by the black leather heel tab, suede star and metal lettering on the uppers. Iconic vintage finish.

    So like most nice things in my life, my husband's been the one to pull the trigger and treat me. Any nice bag I have ever owned has Golden Goose Outlet come into my life via an anniversary, Christmas, or I messed up. I'm sorry. Ha! He smashed his head into people for a living, let the man buy you something nice. I made the mistake, or the smart move of bringing them to his attention. One of my girlfriends had a few pairs, so I sat her down to see what the hype was all about after eyeing these dang things for a good 2 years.

    eBay is another great option to get Golden Goose at a discount. I recommend you read the description carefully and look at the shoes from every angle you can always ask for more pictures. The good thing about Golden Goose Starter buying used Golden Goose sneakers is due to their "wear and tear" look, they can still look brand-new and no one will know.

    Women's camouflage LTD Mid-Star sneakers with fuchsia insert and metallic silver star. With our sneakers, we're carrying forward our idea of style. We tell stories, highlighting the uniqueness of each one of us. The Limited Edition LAB sneakers take this concept to a new level. These Mid-Star sneakers feature a camouflage weave. The Golden star is made of metallic silver and the laces are logoed. The blend of vintage techniques and modernity is what makes these sneakers unique.

    Starter sneakers in leather with leopard-print heel tab. Animal prints and inspirations from nature are some of the elements that define the Golden Goose style, especially in this collection where clear references to the animal kingdom can be found. These Starter sneakers, our minimalistic interpretation of casual Golden Goose footwear, adopt the theme with their leopard-print leather heel tab.