Salarin creates an exit near the rear of the room.

  • I'm assuming you brought the adamant bar. Yes, we did. The RS gold Chaos Dwarves will be unloading them soon. But why do you love them so much? We'll demonstrate it. We could ask Grimmson to do a favor. Let me guess, you'd like me test your newest Dragon. You'll soon see why Adamant is so vital.

    Colonel Grimmson will face the level 186 Adamant Dragon in the arena. Yes. Level 186. He'll beat it easily. I've told you that the animation spell wouldn't work well on an adamant. This is what you stated about the Mithril Dragons as well as Steel Dragons. If you had the chance Elvarg might be our most powerful creation. This is just a real perspective. That's enough. There's a second project to pursue, even though I want to see the Adamant Dragons complete.

    I'm sorry to intervene. I think you're in reference to Lucien, our Mahjarrat friend. Yes. Though I won't be needing your assistance in this department as well as the help of the Chaos Dwarfs, nor your human friend there. It's you! It's [your Name] He's not with us! He's an employee, but I see him as an enemy. It was odd that he was there. You two (to the two Kin) Test your Adamant Dragons on him.

    It is either the fact you must battle two Adamant Dragons or the fact that their designs are flawed and they're only level186 currently. They're similar to Mithril Dragons but they are less powerful. When they are dead, one will drop the Keldagrim Teletab. Teleporting is the only way out of this situation, so get it done before Wyvoch climbs up the steps to your position. Inform Veldaban the Commander, but...

    I want to believe you, I could believe that about Hreidmar But this isn't the first time.... Let's look at me, I was drunk I think they set me up. I'm not sure what transpired. You won't be able to get anywhere. Idria won't be taken seriously, but she will tell you that she has details about Lucien. Lucien was in contact with "Lord Salarin", a Chaos Druid. The next stop: Salarin the Twisted, Yanille Dungeon. When you enter the room, you'll be shown a scene in which Salarin is told by one of the Chaos Druids to prepare Lucien's potion shortly.

    Salarin creates an exit near the rear of the room. You can then go through the room. Warning: This portal will lead you to another part of the Abyss. Prayers are sucked out when you enter, and you're skulled and yes, of course there are monsters there. You must enter the portal. You'll be trapped in a maze, and must to find the central. Teleporting is not permitted. You will need to find a different way out if necessary. There are obstacles for skill like in the real Abyss. Certain walls have lips which, when tickled by wind, release fire that can inflict severe injury on anyone who is gazing at them.

    This is useful when fighting Abyssal creatures, as your combat stats are reduced when you're within the maze. Get to the center, and you'll see Salarin take a few items. He is using this location as a kind of bank. It's true that he's Salarin the Twisted. The maze is transformed as cheap RuneScape gold he teleports out. Head back to the portal, pass through, and you'll see the Chaos Druids drinking something. What is it? Is it an intoxicant? Are we in the midst of a world-wide catastrophe?